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About the Embodied Teen

Susan Bauer presents a pioneering introductory, student-centered program in somatic movement education. Designed for educators, therapists, counselors, and movement practitioners, The Embodied Teen offers 50 activities in somatic movement education, along with concrete pedagogy tips and engaging anecdotes drawn from her decades of working with youth in the US and abroad.

The curriculum teaches teens how to integrate body and mind, enhance their kinesthetic intelligence, and develop the inner resilience they need to thrive, now and into adulthood. Students learn the basics of anatomy and physiology, and unlearn self-defeating habits that impact body image and self-esteem. By examining their cultural perceptions, they discover their body prejudices, helping them to both respect diversity and gain compassion for themselves and others. Concise and accessible, the lessons presented in this book will empower teens as they navigate the volatile physical and emotional challenges of this vibrant, powerful stage of life.

Praise for the Embodied Teen

“Susan Bauer offers educators a dynamic curriculum with clear guidelines for helping adolescents discover ways to enliven their sense of self, recognize and accept the diversity of others, and establish a base of lifelong habits for well-being. This book should be read by anyone who wants to create a trusting and enriching environment for teens.”

Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen, developer of Body-Mind Centering® and author of Sensing, Feeling, and Action: ­The Experiential Anatomy of Body-Mind Centering®

“Susan Bauer is a bold pioneer in somatic education…. The Embodied Teen presents a rationale and a program more comprehensive and systematic than many past experimentations in adolescent curriculum. Do not simply read this book, but act upon it in any way you can to make its vision a reality in the education of our youth…[read more…]

Deane Juhan, movement re-education therapist and author of Job’s Body: A Handbook for Bodywork and Touched by the Goddess: ­The Physical, Psychological, and Spiritual Powers of Bodywork

The Embodied Teen is an important source book for anyone in the field of dance education. Although it addresses youth, the material is valuable for any age level. For years I have referred to Mabel Todd’s The Thinking Body for reference. Now I have a new book to refer to. Susan Bauer has written with clarity and interest in a way that any one of us as teachers can find new ideas and inspiration. I would not be without this book as a teacher or a student of dance.”

Anna Halprin, PhD, author of Moving Toward Life:Five Decades of Transformational Dance and cofounder of the Tamalpa Institute

“I hope that many schools will adopt the plan proposed by this important book. It will change things that have gone so far astray…[read more]
Don Hanlon Johnson, PhD, author and founder of the somatics program at California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco

Susan Bauer (MFA, RSME/T) is a teacher, author, Fulbright scholar, and somatic educator and practitioner living in the San Francisco Bay area. She is the founder of Embodiment in Education and offers workshops and teacher trainings internationally. She served on the board of directors of the International Somatic Movement Education and Therapy Association (ISMETA) from 2012 to 2105, and is a contributor to the anthologies Embodied Lives, Authentic Movement (Volume Two), and Dance, Somatics, and Spiritualties.

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More Praise

Hear what other experts in the fields of somatics, psychology, mindfulness, and dance education have to say about The Embodied Teen:

“Finally a first-person guide to embodied awareness focused on teens! Susan Bauer offers not just ideas about moving and communicating but explorations and ‘best practices’ that have been tested and refined over decades. This book both includes and respects the voices of youth in these critical years of their development. A ‘must-read, must-own’ resource for respecting our bodies and the planet we all share.”

Andrea Olsen, author of Body and Earth: An Experiential Guide

“A much-needed approach for empowering adolescents! Susan Bauer’s curriculum provides relief and remedy for challenges teens face in finding out what’s true for them—and helps them discover the value of time spent in somatic experience. With this guide, teachers of adolescents can provide intelligent, body-based learning via a unique and thoughtful treasure chest of embodiment explorations.”

Caryn McHose, somatic movement educator and coauthor of How Life Moves: Explorations in Meaning and Body Awareness

The Embodied Teen is superb! It weaves together the rigor of science and years of clinical practice and classroom experience to offer a much-needed guide to somatic wisdom for teens. I highly recommend this book.”

Shauna Shapiro, PhD, professor of psychology and author of The Art and Science of Mindfulness and Mindful Discipline: A Loving Approach to Setting Limits and Raising an Emotionally Intelligent Child

“Susan Bauer’s curricular manual is a rare beginning into an important world—how to empower teens to access their own body intelligence and build their resiliency, so needed in these times. As someone who has been working with socioemotional learning since the early 1990s, it is refreshing to be able to suggest this guide for educators who want to integrate somatic education within youth programming. Join this thoughtful call to get more holistically involved with our young people!”

Martha Eddy, CMA, RSMT, EdD, author of Mindful Movement: The Evolution of the Somatic Arts and Conscious Action

“This book is a rich and detailed resource for anyone wishing to support teens in becoming more fully embodied, present, expressive, responsive, and resilient. These skills are absolutely essential in a world in which so many young people (and adults) are profoundly disconnected from their bodies, minds, and hearts. If your work and play is supporting young people in living more fully and expressing their gifts, The Embodied Teen is an essential resource.”

Amy Saltzman, MD, director of the Association for Mindfulness in Education and author of A Still Quiet Place for Teens: A Mindfulness Workbook to Ease Stress and Difficult Emotions

The Embodied Teen is an enormously valuable curriculum and book for professionals who work with youth. It is an exceptional gathering of significant somatic understandings that will help teens establish a solid foundation for later developmental stages. Susan Bauer is enormously experienced and knowledgeable about somatics and adolescent development. This culmination of her life work is a gift to teens, professionals, and others.”

Eleanor Criswell Hanna, EdD, editor of Somatics Magazine and director of the Novato Institute for Somatic Research and Training

The Embodied Teen is an invaluable resource for educators in an age when youth are so disconnected from their own bodies. The bottom-up perspective—supported by the latest research in neuroscience and mindfulness—approaches the body as the root of healthy social and emotional growth. These experiential somatic education lessons guide teens through a profound process of self-discovery: first by befriending their own bodies, then by learning to use body awareness to become more self-aware and cultivate resilience, and ultimately toward forming healthy connections with others. This book truly teaches teens a new way of being in the world.”

Mark Purcell, clinical psychologist and coauthor of Mindfulness for Teen Anger: A Workbook to Overcome Anger and Aggression Using MBSR and DBT Skills

“Susan Bauer has written a curriculum that will lift the standard of what teens need for building a healthy relationship with themselves, which ultimately impacts having a healthy society. In the fast-paced world of technology and social media, The Embodied Teen provides the meaning, purpose, and action steps for somatic movement education. This book is an important and practical resource for integrating body and mind to increase self-awareness, empathy, compassion, and self esteem for our youth.”

Judy Gantz, MA, CMA, founder of the Center for Movement Education and Research

“Adolescence is a developmentally critical time, with vital transformations occurring in both body and brain, yet mainstream educational models offer teens very little constructive support in navigating these changes. This clear and accessible book provides an invaluable resource for anyone wanting to support teenagers in becoming more grounded, self-aware, emotionally literate, and relationally engaged. An excellent book! I cannot recommend it highly enough.”

Rae Johnson, PhD, RSMT, author of Embodied Social Justice and chair of somatic studies in the Depth Psychology program at Pacifica Graduate Institute

The Embodied Teen is a gift outright to all teachers who want their students to fully experience what it means to ‘know thyself.’ Equal parts educational philosophy, informational resource, and curricular guide, the book braids all three to make the case for embodiment as fundamental to a deeply experienced complete education. Susan Bauer provides a clear, richly developed, and scaffolded model for teachers that resonates across age groups, cultures, and communities of learners. The generosity and wisdom of her methods, wonderfully illustrated by examples drawn from years of teaching, leads students and teachers alike toward an empowering sense of embodied wholeness.”

Diane Frank, lecturer (dance), Department of Theater and Performance Studies at Stanford University

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