Authentic Movement for Couples*

By , July 17, 2010 6:17 pm

(*Not in a couple?  Bring a loved one–a close friend or family member!)

As we learn to see and be seen, speak directly and listen with stillness, we create a base of support and trust in our relationships.

Authentic Movement is a simple form involving a mover and a witness.  Movers move with eyes closed, allowing deepened attention to one’s inner kinesthetic experience, while the witness holds the place of a non-judgmental presence and support.  This is the journey of Authentic Movement, a form practiced by many since its development by Janet Adler (inspired by the work of founder Mary Starks Whitehouse in the 1950’s).

Through this simple practice of moving and witnessing with awareness, Authentic Movement helps to invoke compassion and loving-kindness.  Susan’s heartfelt teaching and embodied witnessing provide a strong, supportive container for this journey.

Authentic Movement for Couples is for both newcomers and those with previous experience:

  • Interbeing-II

    Do you have previous experience in Authentic Movement and have always wanted your partner, spouse, or friend to experience this practice?

  • Has someone close to you been involved in Authentic Movement and you have always been curious about it?
  • Are you new to Authentic Movement but are inspired to deepen a current relationship through this practice?
  • Are you a couple in which each of you have experienced Authentic Movement but would love an opportunity to practice together?

In any of these cases, Authentic Movement for Couples will provide an inspiration for you!

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