Authentic Movement

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Authentic Movement offers a place of mindfulness from which your inner presence emerges–leaving you refreshed and filled with new clarity.

In this self-directed movement practice, movement becomes a vehicle for deepening one’s connection to one’s body, and more…

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What is Authentic Movement?

The form itself is profound and simple, and involves a mover and a witness. Movers move with eyes closed, allowing deepened attention to one’s inner kinesthetic experience, while the witness holds the place of a non-judgmental presence and compassionate support.

This is the journey of Authentic Movement, a form practiced by many since its development by Janet Adler (inspired by the work of founder Mary Starks Whitehouse in the 1950’s).

With roots in Jungian psychology, Authentic Movement is a means to explore our personal and collective unconscious through movement, with all the associated meanings, imagery, or feelings that may arise, much in the way our unconscious manifests in our dreams. As we bring awareness to our experience, we gain insight into ourselves and our lives.

In the words of Janet Adler:

The form of this work is simple—one person witnesses another person moving in a studio space…

The witness, especially in the beginning, carries a larger responsibility for consciousness, as she sits to the side of the movement space. She is not ‘looking at’ the person moving, she is witnessing, listening, bringing a specific quality of attention or presence to the experience of the mover.

The mover works with eyes closed in order to expand her experience of listening to the deeper levels of her kinesthetic reality. Her task is to respond to a sensation, to an inner impulse, to energy coming from the personal unconscious, the collective unconscious, or the superconscious.

(Janet Adler, from “Who is the Witness?.” Contact Quarterly, 1987)

The form of Authentic Movement has been taught and developed by many people over the years, and is currently practiced internationally by dancers, choreographers, artists, and lay people alike.

To Susan, with eternal gratitude for your witnessing of my gradual awakening to embodied presence.  Love blossoms for all in the interplay of your shining light and my self-remembrance.

Susan Werner, Art Therapist

What is a session like?

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