Authentic Movement Session

By , August 11, 2010 10:19 pm

What is an Authentic Movement session like?

Authentic Movement can be done one-on-one in a private session or can be practiced in a group setting. A professional teacher and/or therapist facilitates the sessions based on some core principles and distinct structures that are unique to the discipline of Authentic Movement:

  • Movers move with eyes closed for a designated period of time in the presence of the witness. All movement is self-directed.
  • After the movement time, there may be a short period for non-verbal processing of one’s experience (by drawing, writing, journaling, or even resting).
  • The mover(s) and witness(es) then come together to speak about the experience and the movement material that has emerged. Movers speak first, followed by the witness. This process helps the mover to discover formerly unconscious material and bring it into consciousness in a meaningful way.

The power of the practice is in its simplicity.

The Empty Circle for Authentic Movement PageThe ‘container’ created by the witness presence provides for the safety of the mover to enter deeply into his/her own movement experience. From here, movers enter into the ‘empty circle’ of the present moment, free of any agenda for one’s movement, to simply be…and to see what emerges.

Are you ready to come ‘home’ to yourself?

Testimonials for Authentic Movement

I have found Authentic Movement to be a deep and powerful practice for exploring the unconscious. It’s given me the space to learn more about what is really going on internally, to effectively process challenging issues, and to integrate my body into my emotional and spiritual work.

As a witness and teacher, Susan is extremely intuitive and is impeccable in her approach.  She sets healthy boundaries and offers clear, objective insights.  I have worked with her for over five years and look forward to many more!

Laura Paradise, Fundraising Consultant

Authentic Movement has made a tremendous difference in my life.  It truly has helped me to experience life in more satisfying and creative ways.  Susan creates a safe, comfortable space where I feel truly welcome.  For me, a big part of the magic of Authentic Movement comes through Susan and the thoughtful, heartfelt way she leads her group and private sessions.

Diana Doyle, CEO and Massage Therapist

As the Witness, Susan brings intuition, perception, sensitivity and great caring to her role.  She has inspired me to accept and trust my movement, and to marvel at what my body knows.

Authentic Movement gives me a sense of well-being that must be a kind of essential happiness. I will probably do this practice for the rest of my life. Namaste, Susan.

Effie Dilworth

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  • See the Calendar for a current schedule of all classes and workshops.
  • Contact Susan for individual sessions or to arrange a workshop in your area.
  • Gift Certificates for individual sessions are also available for purchase.

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