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By , July 19, 2010 7:07 pm

The following are published articles on dance, Authentic Movement, and somatic practices by Susan Bauer. To read the full article, click on the title or “read more” link.

‘Find Your Position’: An Embodied Approach to Movement and Daily Life (©2014) – [This one article is not available in full; the link will take you to the Publisher’s page for the book Embodied Lives: Reflections on the Influences of Suprapto Suryodarmo and Amerta Movement, in which this article appears.]

The simple phrase, “find your position,” was one that I heard Prapto use many times in his Joged Amerta workshops that seemed to represent a rich, multi-layered perspective on practice which includes this sense of centeredness or inner connection…leading to deeper ways of knowing that contribute to the inspiring and often synchronistic flow of life…read more

Body and Earth as One: Strengthening our Connection to the Natural Source with EcoSomatics (©2008)

The term ecosomatic opens up an inspiring dialogue about the dynamic relationship between the earth and the living beings inhabiting it. As humans, we begin moving in the womb, and movement is a constant in our lives. read more

“Welcome to City of Nice People”: Cross Cultural Dialogues on Authentic Movement in Thailand (©2007)

On the second day, another concern arose. Someone asked: “How does this practice of Authentic Movement apply to my daily life?”…I asked them to each take some time in nature, alone, staying fairly close by. “There, I began, “notice what you become aware of, what draws your attention—for example, the softness of the earth and perhaps a desire to lie down. Then maybe you lie down and look up, and you see a cloud in the sky. Just be there and follow what you experience.” read more

Oracles: Authentic Movement and the I Ching (©2007)

From many years of moving, I have come to see Authentic Movement as a way to enter a place of deep knowing, allowing me to connect to inner guidance through my body. read more

Finding the Bone in the Wind: A Journey with Prapto Suryadarmo in Bali, Indonesia (©2005)

“Shall we just move?” This simple question begins our warm-up and our time together in Bali. Seven of us have gathered–from England, Germany, American and the Netherlands—to work with Prapto for three weeks. Today we meet each other as I enjoy most, in movement. read more

Authentic Movement: Mindfulness in Motion (©2002)

After graduating from Middlebury College as a dance major, I moved to Northampton, Massachusetts. No longer interested in modern dance, I was searching for my next path. There I discovered classes offered in both Contact Improvisation and in something called “Authentic Movement.” I called my dance professor from Middlebury, Andrea Olsen, to ask her advice. read more

Must to the Mountain: A Journey with Sardono Kusumo at UCLA (©2000) – Check back soon for this article.

Somatic Movement Education: A Body-Mind Approach to Movement Education for Adolescents – Part 1 (©1999)

Forever focused on their bodies, adolescents struggle with their perception of themselves. They think about their appearance, weight, physical skill level, and especially, with how they are perceived by others. Yet, with all this focus on their bodies, in the present educational system students are barely learning about their bodies, nor given time to explore their own perceptions and subjective experience… read more

Somatic Movement Education: A Body-Mind Approach to Movement Education for Adolescents – Part 2 (©1999) – check back soon for this article.